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How this book is organized

Part 1 of this book is your introduction to the world of iOS development. By the end of this section, you’ll know your way around Xcode, its GUI building tools, and enough of Objective-C and object-oriented development to build an app:

  • Chapter 1 introduces Xcode, the main tool you’ll be using to develop iOS apps. We show you how to write Hello World!, the first app that programmers generally learn to write.
  • Chapter 2 explains the model-view-controller pattern used to organize iOS apps.
  • Chapter 3 introduces Objective-C so you can add interactivity to your apps. We’ll take Hello World! and show you how to connect up buttons, labels, and text fields to make it more useful.

Part 2 takes you through the main features of iOS as you build three apps. Each chapter will show you all the steps, from sketching a GUI, through object-oriented design, and, finally, how to code the final result:

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