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Hello! Python is written for people who’d like to learn more about Python and how to program. You might be completely new to programming, or you might have some prior experience; either way, Hello! Python will take you from your first steps through writing networked games and web applications.

The style of this book is different from most programming books. Rather than present a laundry list of every possible feature, I’ve chosen to show you a more real-world picture. Starting with chapter 2, you’ll be following along as we write real, useful programs—warts and all. All programming language features have a purpose, and it’s hard to recognize that purpose if you don’t see all the bugs, broken code, and badly written programs that the feature is supposed to help with.

Some of the programs in Hello! Python are improved and expanded as the book progresses, so you’ll see how Python features such as functions, classes, and modules can help keep your code under control as it expands. They will also reduce the amount of work you have to do when you need to add new parts.


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