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This book is organized into two parts. Part one talks about iOS development in general. How to get started, the frameworks provided by Apple, the Provisioning Portal, the IDE, and several core concepts are introduced in this first part of the book. The second part includes techniques for putting iOS development into practice. The chapters in part 2 contain projects that are developed using multiple techniques. By the end of the chapter (or two chapters in one case), you’ll go through the development of an app from beginning to end.

The apps developed in the chapters can be found for free in the AppStore so you can see how they wound up. But if you go through the chapters and follow along (or download the source code), you will be able to see see how the app is coded and run it yourself.

My suggestion is to follow along with the development of each project in each chapter. Downloading the source code is helpful, but try typing out the lines of code from the book, if you have time. This will help you to experience the process and you will see how Xcode handles things like code-completion, navigation, UI design, and so on. That hands-on experience is invaluable.


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