Part 2. Putting iOS into practice

Chapter 3 begins part 2 with your first real app project: PicDecor. In this chapter you’ll learn about view controllers and displaying images, as well as how to interface with sending email. You’ll see how to design the UI and how to connect it to the code you’re writing. Chapter 4 builds on what you learned in chapter 3 about view controllers by showing you table view controllers and how to access the address book. Chapter 5 continues by discussing access to images through the photo album and the camera and how to manipulate those images. Also, in chapter 5 you’ll see how to display a map and the user’s location and store data for retrieving and displaying later. The Settings bundle is the official way to allow a user to manage settings for apps and is covered in chapter 6. Also covered are playing MP3s and detecting motion (particularly shaking the device). Chapter 7 goes further into playing audio with allowing the user to make playlists and play them via the iPad framework. This includes covering CoreData for database design and for storing app data. Push Notifications and In-App Purchase both include using external server interaction for their functionality and are covered in chapter 8 for a Rock, Paper, Scissors game. Chapter 9 continues the game with GameCenter interaction including leaderboards and achievements. Chapter 10 could be called the iChapter because it covers iTunes’ API to search music, iPad design, and iAds for advertising.