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For me, reading has always been part of my preferred learning style. Part of the nostalgia is remembering the first practical programming book I ever really read: Elements of Programming with Perl by Andrew L Johnson. The content was something that registered with me. I could follow along and it was a joy to work through.

I hope to capture some of that practical content in regards to working with Apache Kafka. The excitement of learning something new that I had when reading Elements of Programming with Perl was the same way I felt when I started to work with Kafka for the first time. Kafka was unlike any other message broker or enterprise service bus (ESB) that I had used at the time. The speed to get started developing producers and consumers, the ability to reprocess data, and independent consumers moving at their own speeds without removing the data from other consumer applications were techniques that solved pain points I had seen in my own past development and impressed me when I started looking at Kafka.