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Hi there! Maraming salamat (“many thanks” in Tagalog) for being an early adopter and purchaser of the MEAP for Looks Good To Me: Constructive code reviews.

This book is for developers and engineering leads/managers who want a comprehensive and compassionate guide on code reviews. The advice shared here can benefit almost all developers, but it will be most relevant to those who work on teams, have at least a year of experience working with version control systems (like git), and have been reading and writing code for at least a year or two.

Over the past eleven years of my career as a software developer and technical instructor, I’ve heard a recurring theme on code reviews: we need them, but we dread them. In this book, I try to address that dread. And surprise! Most of that dread comes from the people in the process, rather than the tools or machines we work with.

Through a mix of practical advice, flexible strategies, personal career lessons, lots of automation, and discussions to have with your team, this book aims to take you way past bare minimum code reviews. You’ll collaboratively build a process that fits your team’s needs, whether you’re starting from scratch or need to overhaul the code review you have.

I hope that the content you get access to will be instantly relevant and applicable to you and your team. And with your help, the final book will have you saying not just “LGTM 👍”(looks good to me), but “looks GREAT to me”!