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About this Book

Mesos in Action is a practical guide to learning about and deploying Apache Mesos in a real-world setting. I provide a complete tour of the project—from a basic introduction that introduces Mesos and containers, to production-ready deployments that include high availability and framework authentication. I also provide real-world usage of popular (and open source!) Mesos applications that allow you to deploy applications and scheduled jobs on your Mesos cluster.

Although Mesos in Action is tailored for intermediate-to-advanced systems administrators, it’s well suited for various audiences. I’ve written the book in such a way that systems administrators, DevOps, application administrators, and software engineers alike will feel at home throughout the text. Although some knowledge of application deployments and software development is desirable, I’ve provided enough background that it isn’t strictly required, instead opting to teach you new skills that you can use to make teams—your own included—work smarter, not harder.


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