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Neo4j as a graph database has evolved quite a bit over the last decade or so. Starting as a database operating purely within the Java-based world, it has since evolved to cater to many languages and frameworks.

When we first embarked on writing this book, it was targeting the then-latest 1.9 release. The Neo4j 2.0 release was a real game changer, introducing new features, including the much-desired (built-in) concept of node labels. Though there is still some 1.x related material, you will be pleased to know that the content of this book has indeed been updated to cover 2.0 features, with all the associated sample code and examples having been specifically validated against the 2.0.1 release. No doubt there will be later releases by the time this book hits the printing press; however, the deliberate step-by-step approach taken by Neo4j in Action should provide you with the core foundational knowledge and skills necessary to learn about, and get up and running with, any Neo4j 2.0+ release—subject to any unforeseen breaking changes introduced, of course.


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