PostGIS in Action, Third Edition MEAP V16 cover
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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP for PostGIS in Action, Third Edition. This book is written for developers, database and GIS professionals, as well as researchers who need to manage location information alongside other data. Although some familiarity with SQL will be helpful, it is not a requirement of this book. People who have read earlier editions of this book can also benefit by learning about the newer features that have been introduced since the last edition of this book.

PostGIS is an extension of the PostgreSQL database management system that adds location-aware data types and over 500 functions to your database. PostGIS is used for asking questions such as WHERE and HOW FAR, constructing web maps for general consumption, a tool to dice up information by geographic and subject matter areas of interest, or a tool for making inferences between seemingly unrelated events like cause of higher rates of crime relative to changes in land usage in an area and environmental effects on vegetation and habitat.

This book will teach you the fundamentals of using PostGIS and performance tips for getting the most out of your queries. By the end of this book you will understand