Chapter 1. Introduction to Apache Thrift


This chapter covers

  • Using Apache Thrift to unify polyglot systems
  • Simplifying the creation of high-performance networked services
  • Introducing the Apache Thrift modular serialization system
  • Creating a simple Apache Thrift cross-language microservice
  • Comparing Apache Thrift with other cross-language communications frameworks

Modern software systems live in a networked world. Network communications are critical to the tiniest embedded systems in the Internet of Things through to the weightiest of relational databases anchoring traditional multitier applications. As new software systems increasingly embrace dynamically scheduled, containerized microservices, lightweight, high-performance, language-agnostic network communications are ever more important.

1.1. Polyglotism, the pleasure and the pain

1.2. Application integration with Apache Thrift

1.3. Building a simple service

1.4. The communications toolkit landscape