1 Rust’y Patterns


This chapter covers

  • What this book will cover
  • What are design patterns?
  • Why this book is different
  • Tools you’ll need

Reading this book is a great way to advance your Rust skills, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Rust programmer. If you’re a beginner, studying design patterns is an excellent path to elevate your skills above the basics of the Rust language, but you may find some parts of this book challenging, so you may need to study other resources as you go.

This book presents a variety of techniques for writing high-quality Rust code, but we’ll focus on patterns, idioms, and conventions that are widely used and understood by the Rust community.

Design patterns are powerful abstractions that every programmer can leverage to produce high-quality code. Humans are excellent at pattern recognition, and when we follow well-understood and easily recognized patterns which help us solve two tricky problems: it becomes easier to reason about whether or not a design is good or bad (i.e., following well-known patterns helps us avoid creating bad code), and following patterns helps other people understand your code.

1.1 What this book will cover

1.2 What are design patterns?

1.3 Why this book is different

1.4 Tools you’ll need

1.5 Summary