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Scala in Depth is a practical guide to using Scala with deep dives into necessary topics. This book, picking up where introductory books drop off, enables readers to write idiomatic Scala code and understand trade-offs when making use of advanced language features. In particular, this book covers Scala’s implicit and type systems in detail before discussing how these can be used to drastically simplify development. The book promotes the “blended style” of Scala, where paradigms are mixed to achieve something greater.

Who should read this book?

Scala in Depth is for new or intermediate Scala developers who wish to improve their skills with the language. While this book covers very advanced concepts in Scala, it attempts to pull along those new to Scala.

This book was written for readers who know Java or another object-oriented language. Prior experience with Scala is helpful but not required. It covers Scala 2.7.x through Scala 2.9.x.


Scala in Depth begins with a philosophical discussion of the “xen” of Scala—that Scala is a blending of concepts that achieve a greater whole when combined. In particular, three dichotomies are discussed: static typing versus expressiveness, functional programming versus object-oriented programming, and powerful language features versus dead simple Java integration.

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