1 Introduction


I have been doing cryptography for more than 50 years. I have learned a great deal in that time. In this book I try to pass along that knowledge to the next generation of cryptographers. Much of this is new discoveries, not found anywhere else in the literature.

I know that there are many cryptography books already available. If I want people to read my book, I need to offer ideas that other books don’t have, ideas other authors don’t know, or believe are impossible. I need to make the book SENSATIONAL. Here goes. I will

  • Tell you in simple non-technical language how to construct an unbreakable cipher.
  • Provide 140 ciphers that you can use as is. 30 of them are rated Unbreakable.
  • Give you a set of tools and techniques so you can combine and strengthen them.
  • Describe a computation that can precisely measure the strength of your cipher, and guarantee that it is unbreakable.
  • Show how to construct and incorporate data-compression codes.
  • Reveal a practical method to achieve the unbreakable One-Time Pad cipher.
  • Tell how to generate true random numbers in bulk.
  • Show how to construct huge primes and safe primes.
  • Teach you how to add an undetectable backdoor to a cipher.
  • Expose a possibly fatal flaw in quantum cryptography.
  • Explain ways to defeat hypothetical ultracomputers that could be developed decades from now. (Or, that may already exist, but are classified.)