Part 1. SOA patterns


This is a book about service-oriented architecture (SOA) and about solving the challenges involved in implementing it. We’ll discuss that in two parts. Part 1, the first seven chapters, discusses SOA and a range of architectural patterns, demonstrating them in numerous examples; part 2, chapters 810, looks at how it all works in real life.

Chapter 1 introduces SOA and its components (services, consumers, messages, endpoints, contracts, and policies) as well as the patterns approach. The subsequent chapters detail the different patterns.

Chapter 2 takes a look at foundation patterns—basic patterns that are needed to get started with implementing services. Chapter 3 covers patterns related to performance, scalability, and availability. Chapter 4 looks at what’s needed to secure services and monitor their overall wellness. Chapter 5 details message exchange patterns, starting with the basic request/reply model and ending with long-running interactions. Chapter 6 covers patterns related to how consumers interact with services. Chapter 7 examines service composition patterns that show how you can go from a bunch of services to a system.