Part 1. Foundational Spring


Part 1 of this book will get you started writing a Spring application, learning the foundations of Spring along the way.

In chapter 1, I’ll give you a quick overview of Spring and Spring Boot essentials and show you how to initialize a Spring project as you work on building Taco Cloud, your first Spring application. In chapter 2, you’ll dig deeper into the Spring MCV and learn how to present model data in the browser and how to process and validate form input. You’ll also get some tips on choosing a view template library. You’ll add data persistence to the Taco Cloud application in chapter 3. There, we’ll cover using Spring’s JDBC template, how to insert data, and how to declare JPA repositories with Spring Data. Chapter 4 covers security for your Spring application, including autoconfiguring Spring Security, defining custom user storage, customizing the login page, and securing against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. To close out part 1, we’ll look at configuration properties in chapter 5. You’ll learn how to fine-tune autoconfigured beans, apply configuration properties to application components, and work with Spring profiles.