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Spring in Action, Fifth Edition was written to equip you to build amazing applications using the Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and a variety of ancillary members of the Spring ecosystem. It begins by showing you how to develop web-based, database-backed Java applications with Spring and Spring Boot. It then expands on the essentials by showing how to integrate with other applications, program using reactive types, and then break an application into discrete microservices. Finally, it discusses how to ready an application for deployment.

Although all of the projects in the Spring ecosystem provide excellent documentation, this book does something that none of the reference documents do: provide a hands-on, project-driven guide to bringing the elements of Spring together to build a real application.

Who should read this book

Spring in Action, 5th edition is for Java developers who want to get started with Spring Boot and the Spring Framework as well as for seasoned Spring developers who want to go beyond the basics and learn the newest features of Spring.

How this book is organized: a roadmap

The book has 5 parts spanning 19 chapters. Part 1 covers the foundational topics of building Spring applications:

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