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Welcome to Spring Roo in Action! If you’re reading this book, you’re looking for ways to improve your Spring development productivity.

When we started writing this book, nobody had even considered a book on Roo. The tool had been out in the public sphere for only a few months, and, after all, writing a book on any emerging technology is a crazy thing to do. But crazy things are usually tried by crazy people, and once we got started there was no turning back.

This book is your guide to juicing your Spring development productivity, using a tiny, 8-megabyte project known as Spring Roo. We start by laying the groundwork for why such a tool is important, and how Roo fills the gap between the developer productivity of Spring and the configuration morass you can get into while writing enterprise applications. The writers of this book are Spring developers, trainers, mentors, and hobbyists. We develop, train, mentor, and tinker with Spring every day, so when we saw what Roo brought to the table we realized the power it represented to the everyday developer.

Craig Walls’s Spring in Action, also published by Manning, is an excellent companion book for the new Spring developer, and is a good reference to keep nearby when you want additional information about a topic in our book.

Other good references on these topics are Spring Integration in Action and ActiveMQ in Action, also from Manning Publications.

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