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It’s apparent to every developer today that testing applications is a basic requirement of software development. This wasn’t always the case, and testing frameworks have come a long way since the early days. This book isn’t about the theory of why we test, because there’s plenty of information on that subject out there already. It was more important for us to figure out how to test, and how to convey that information to others. This book is very much focused on that approach, and the included application code provides a hands-on example from the start.

A lot of information is of course available in the cloud, but more often than not, we find that when we actually have time to read, we’re not connected to the cloud (or choose not to be connected to it). It’s also nice to have a readily available resource that pulls all the useful information into one place—and we hope this book will serve as that type of resource for you.

Testing is a general term, but testing is composed of a patchwork of technologies that you need to combine in order to gain the most benefit. We’ve collected a wide range of popular topics and components, and presented them in a way we feel makes the most sense for readers.

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