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I wrote Testing Microservices with Mountebank to show how service virtualization helps you test microservices, and how mountebank is a powerful service virtualization tool. That necessarily requires building a deep familiarity with mountebank—the middle section of this book is dedicated to the subject—but many of the lessons apply with any service virtualization tool.

Who should read this book

Mountebank is a developer-friendly tool, which makes developers a primary audience of Testing Microservices with Mountebank. Some familiarity with test automation is expected, but I avoid using any advanced language features throughout this book to keep the focus on the tool and the approach. Automation-friendly QA testers also will find value in this book, as will those who specialize in performance testing. Finally, service virtualization is increasingly an architectural concern, and within these pages I hope to arm solution architects with the arguments they need to make the right decisions.

How this book is organized

You’ll find three parts and 10 chapters in this book.

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