Part 1. Mastering the TypeScript syntax

Part 1 starts with explaining the benefits of TypeScript compared to JavaScript. Then, we’ll cover various syntax elements of TypeScript using small code snippets for illustration. You’ll see how to use built-in and declare custom types. We’ll introduce the use of classes and interfaces as well as generics, enums, decorators, mapped and conditional types. You’ll learn the tooling used by TypeScript developers (such as compilers, linters, debuggers, and bundlers). Finally, we’ll show you how to use the TypeScript and JavaScript code in the same app.

For those of you who like learning by watching videos, Yakov Fain has published a number of videos (see that illustrate the materials from Part 1 of this book. If your goal is to quickly learn the TypeScript’s syntax and tooling, Part 1 of this book is all you need.