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Who should read this book

This book is written for software engineers who want to become more productive developing web or standalone apps. Both authors are practitioners, and we wrote this book for practitioners. Not only do we explain the syntax of the language using basic code samples, but we also develop multiple apps that show how you can use TypeScript with popular libraries and frameworks.

While working on this book, we ran workshops using the code samples from the book, giving us early feedback about the book’s content. We really hope that you’ll enjoy the process of learning TypeScript with this book.

We expect readers to have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that use recent additions from ECMAScript specs. If you are only familiar with the ECMAScript 5 syntax, looking through the appendix first will make it easier to understand the code samples in the book—the appendix provides an introduction to modern JavaScript.

How this book is organized: A roadmap

This book is divided into two parts. In part 1, we cover various syntax elements of TypeScript using small code snippets for illustration. In part 2, we apply TypeScript in several versions of a blockchain app. If your goal is to quickly learn TypeScript’s syntax and tooling, part 1 of this book is all you need.

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