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Thank you for purchasing the MEAP of Vert.x in Action. Asynchronous and reactive applications are an important topic in modern distributed systems, especially as the progressive shift to virtualized and containerized runtime environments emphasize the need for resource efficient, adaptable and dependable application designs.

Asynchronous programming is key to maximizing hardware resource usage, as it allows dealing with more concurrent connections than with the traditional blocking I/O paradigms. Services need to cater for workloads that may drastically change throughout from one hour to the other, hence we need to design code that naturally supports horizontal scalability. Last but not least, failure is inevitable when we have services interacting with other services over the network. Embracing failure is key for designing dependable systems.

Assemble asynchronous programming, horizontal scalability, resilience and you have what we call today reactive applications, which can also be summarized without marketing jargon as “scalable and dependable applications”.