Part 3. Applying metrics to your teams, processes, and software


Using the concepts from part 1 and the rich set of data from part 2, you’re ready to take your metrics collection, analysis, and reporting to the next level. In part 3 you’ll learn how to combine the data you’ve been collecting into complex metrics, get the full picture on the quality of your software, and report the data throughout your organization.

Chapter 7 shows you how to combine data across several data sources to create metrics that fit into your processes and your team. You’ll learn how to explore your data, determine what to track, and create formulas that output your own custom metrics.

Chapter 8 shows you how to combine your data to determine how good your software products really are. You’ll learn how to measure your software from two key perspectives: usability and maintainability.

Chapter 9 shows you how to publish metrics effectively across your organization. You’ll learn how to build effective dashboards and reports that communicate the right level of information to the right people. We’ll also look at some pitfalls that can cause your reports to fail and how to avoid them.

Chapter 10 breaks down the agile principles and shows you how to measure your team against them.

As in part 2, each chapter ends in a case study so you can see the techniques you learned in the chapter applied in a real-world scenario.