Part 3. Learning SDK fundamentals


Web development is just one way to program for the iPhone. In part 3 of this book we cover the fundamentals of another sort of iPhone development: SDK programming.

The SDK is Apple’s Software Development Kit, an object-oriented set of frameworks that help you write great iPhone programs. Over the next several chapters we’ll introduce all of its basics, starting with how to use Objective-C and the iPhone OS (chapter 10) and how the SDK’s two most important programs, Xcode (chapter 11) and Interface Builder (chapter 12), work. From there we’ll move on to some of the most important concepts in SDK programming, including view controllers (chapters 13 and 15) and events (chapter 14).

The SDK is a large topic, and these chapters represent the lightest introduction to it: we’re going to delve more in depth into many elements of the SDK toolkit in part 4 of this book.