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iPhone in Action is an introductory book, intended to teach the basics of iPhone programming in a tutorial form. It covers the fundamentals of both major styles of programming for the platform: web development and SDK programming.

You can read this book in one of three ways.

We encourage you to read it straight through, from chapter 1 to 20. This will introduce the platform, introduce both major ways to program for the iPhone, offer advice on when one style of programming is more appropriate than the other, and step you through both styles in turn.

If you prefer to read only about web development, you can just read parts 1 and 2. Note that we’ve included an introduction to Objective-C at the end of part 2 that will get you started on iPhone SDK programming, even if you’ve never used a compiled programming language before, so we encourage you to keep on going, and see what else you can learn.

If you prefer to read only about SDK programming, you can just read parts 1, 3, and 4. We still encourage you to at least skim the chapters in part 2, because they include advice especially for SDK programmers, showing how lessons learned from the web can apply to the SDK as well.

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