Part 2. Core concepts


In the eight chapters of part 2, you’ll learn the core concepts of development with Apache Cordova. Chapter 3 discusses Cordova projects and the Cordova command-line interface (CLI). Chapter 4 teaches you how to use plugins in a Cordova project. Chapter 5 begins the discussion of how to use a mobile-friendly design for your Cordova applications, including Bootstrap and other frameworks.

Chapter 6 continues the theme from chapter 5 of building better, more optimized, Cordova applications. While chapter 5 focuses on the UI of an application, chapter 6 discusses architecture, network status, localization, and data storage. Chapter 7 provides debugging techniques. Chapter 8 teaches you how to create custom plugins and walks you through development of an Android plugin.

You’ll learn how to package your applications for release and create custom icons and splash-screens in chapter 9. The last chapter in this part of the book, chapter 10, shows you how to build apps using Adobe PhoneGap Build as an alternative to a local SDK.