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Apache Cordova in Action was written to help you build hybrid mobile applications for the Apache Cordova framework. It begins by focusing on the mechanics of setting up your development environment and then switches its focus to the intangibles of working with hybrid mobile development—things like design, best practices, and what to do when things go wrong.

How the book is organized

The book has three sections that cover 12 chapters.

Part 1 explains what Apache Cordova covers and how to set up your development environment.

  • Chapter 1 discusses the Apache Cordova project and what a hybrid mobile application actually is. It also discusses what Cordova does and doesn’t provide, even discussing when you would not want to use a hybrid mobile application.
  • Chapter 2 goes deep into setting up all the necessary parts required to do Cordova development with Android. Because the iOS SDK requires a Mac but Android will work anywhere, the book focuses on explaining Android’s requirements, as well as what you need to get the Cordova CLI installed.

Part 2 covers high-level core concepts for working with Apache Cordova.

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