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Android in Action, Second Edition is a revision and update of Unlocking Android, published in April 2009. This book doesn’t fit nicely into the camp of “introductory text,” nor is it a highly detailed reference manual. The text has something to offer both the beginner and the experienced developer who is looking to sell his or her application in the Android Market. This book covers important beginner topics such as “What is Android” and installing and using the development environment. We then advance to practical working examples of core programming topics any developer will be happy to have at the ready on the reference shelf. The remaining chapters present very detailed example applications covering advanced topics, including a complete field service application, localization, and material on Android web applications, Bluetooth, sensors, AppWidgets, and integration adapters. We even include two chapters on writing applications in C—one for the native side of Android and one using the more generally accepted method of employing the Android Native Development Kit.

Although you can read the book from start to finish, you can also consider it a couple of books in one. If you’re new to Android, focus first on chapter 1, appendix A, and then chapter 2. With that foundation, you can then work your way through chapters 3 through 12. Chapter 13 and on are more in-depth in nature and can be read independently of the others.

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