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Wicket is a framework that makes building web applications easier and more fun. It boasts an object-oriented programming model that encourages you to write maintainable code and helps you scale your development effort with its facilities for reusable components and separation of concerns.

This book will show you how Wicket works and how you can use it effectively to write web applications, and it will point out the occasional gotcha. It covers a broad range of topics relevant to programmers who are in the business of building web applications.


The book is organized in four parts:

  • Part 1Getting started with Wicket
  • Part 2Ingredients for your Wicket applications
  • Part 3Going beyond Wicket basics
  • Part 4Preparing for the real world

If you’re new to Wicket, you’re probably best off following the sections (and chapters) in order.

Chapters 1 and 2 give you a high-level overview of what Wicket is and what kind of problems it tries to solve. If you’re already experienced with Wicket, you should still read the first two chapters, because they explain the framework from our perspective. Chapter 3 gives you a quick example of how to develop an application with Wicket. After reading this chapter, you’ll have a good idea of what developing with Wicket looks like, and although the chapter doesn’t explain all the code in detail, you’ll pick up a few things intuitively.

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